Shin Media is a company based in Hong Kong which research on the financial markets and provide their results through an editorial service of financial education and investment orientation.

The heart of the company is the laboratory. This includes 4 researchers (including Roy Reale, Director and Founder). This team has 25 years of accumulated investment experience and 31,560 hours of financial market research and analysis.

All the research done by Shin Media’s laboratory, also called called DM Lab, is based on the concept that there is a natural cyclicality that governs life and the financial markets. It iss precisely from this idea that our work starts.

Shin Media’s mission is to make their clients more informed and aware of the investment opportunities so that they can make their own best financial decisions.

Shin Media is engaged in the following projects:
DM Lab: financial research laboratory which through the combined study of history, mathematics, geometry, demographics, cliodynamics, numerology, economic fundamentals and social psychology, summarizes a clear view on the most likely future performance of financial markets.

Backstage: the exclusive Telegram group in which Roy Reale shares, in real time and with a small group of investors, who have been working on the markets for years, the operations he carries out week after week with the aim of generating value on the market even in the short term.